We are pleased to invite you to the 57th Conference of Lithuanian Mathematical Society to be held in Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (Saulėtekio al. 11), Vilnius, Lithuania, on June 20-21, 2016.

57th LMS conference organizers committee
Remigijus Leipus (chairman), Stasys Rutkauskas (vice-chairman), Natalija Kosareva, Aleksandras Krylovas, Kęstutis Kubilius, Antanas Laurinčikas, Edmundas Mazėtis, Dalius Mažeika, Kazimieras Padvelskis, Vidmantas Pekarskas, Jonas Šiaulys, Artūras Štikonas.

VGTU organizers committee
Kazimieras Padvelskis (chairman), Aleksandras Krylovas (vice-chairman), Aidas Balčiūnas, Andrej Bugajev, Viktoras Chadyšas, Svetlana Danilenko, Dovilė Deltuvienė, Edita Dombrovskienė, Julija Karaliūnaitė, Jūratė Karasevičienė, Natalija Kosareva, Rima Kriauzienė, Monika Lapėnaitė-Gedvilė, Dalius Pumputis, Olga Suboč.

1. Algebra, Number theory and Geometry (Algebra, Number theory, Geometry, Topology, Mathematical logic);
2. Stochastic models and methods (Random processes, Financial and insurance mathematics, Statics, Probability theory);
3. Differential equations and numerical mathematics (Differential equations, Functions theory, Numerical mathematics);
4. History and didactics of mathematics (History of mathematics, Mathematics and computer science teaching methodology);
5. Applications of Mathematics;
6. Theoretical informatics.

Conference program
The detailed conference program can be found here

Please register before May 9, 2016
on a website http://www.mii.lt/LMR . It is essential to provide participant data, the section and the tittle of your topic.

If you have any question please email them to the email fmsa@vgtu.lt .

Participation fee
The main conference participant fee for LMS members – 9 Eur, for non-members– 15 Eur, for students - 6 Eur.

Participation fees must be transferred before May 9, 2016 to the one of these accounts :
Swedbank bank: LT32 7300 0100 0245 9012
SEB bank: LT39 7044 0600 0031 7750
Recipient: Vilnius Gediminas Technical University
Legal entity code: 111950243
VAT payer code: LT119502413
Payment code: 00801PRK16
Payer code: for natural person – personal ID, for juridical persons – legal entity code
The purpose of payment: the participation fee for 57th Conference of Lithuanian Mathematical Society

After May 9, 2016 the participants fee is 15 Eur for LMS members and 20 Eur for non-members.

Evening party
If you want to participate in the evening party - please pay additional fee of 16 Eur, also before May 9, 2016.

In case if you need accommodation please inform us before May 15, 2016

Conference talks
Talks will be presented using computer with projector. There will be available Adobe Acrobat Reader and Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint). If you will need any other software or equipment - you can inform us by email fmsa@vgtu.lt .

The articles on the topic of your talks can be published in journal "Lietuvos matematikos rinkinys LMD darbai". They should be prepared in accordance with the requirements of the Board of LMS (for more information see Information for authors ) and submit through website http://www.mii.lt/LMR before June 12, 2016

57th LMS conference organizers committee
Vilniaus Gedimas Technical University
Faculty of Fundamental Sciences
Departments of Mathematical Modelling and of Mathematical Statistics
El. p.: fmsa@vgtu.lt


Saulėtekio al. 11
LT-10223 Vilnius